News: USPCC/Bicycle Releases Two New Decks - Bicycle Pluma and Bicycle Table Top

In the beginning of this month, we released news of Bicycle adding four new decks to their product offering.  The new playing cards ranged from a "skull" redux to the summer inspired Peacock deck. Fortunately for playing card collectors and enthusiasts, Bicycle was not done releasing new products. Just this week, Bicycle added two new decks to their arsenal in a huge August release push. The new decks include Bicycle Pluma and Bicycle Table Talk. Both of these decks were teased throughout various online forums but have not been officially released through Bicycle until now.

Bicycle Pluma is a redux from a historical design that the company dug up from the archives. According to, Bicycle Pluma '"features a blend of tribal and avian imagery."  Unfortunately, we were unable to source the historical design this was modeled after.

Bicycle Table Talk playing cards are reminiscent of an online tag cloud.  The words used on Table Talk are all the words associated with card games and playing cards - dealer, rummy, poker, raise, fold etc... Bicycle Table Talk comes in two colors - warm red and cool blue.

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