News: Bicycle Club's December Deck Release Revealed; Bicycle AmberStag Coming October 1st

Last month, Bicycle announced a contest called "Find Out First" for all Club 808 members in order to reveal December's Club 808 deck release. The contest involved a riddle that if members solved were entered into the drawing for the contest that would grant the winner the first look into December's deck.

The riddle for the contest read:

An ESPN Award
The vowel in “sword”
What the French do In lakes
Together, A new 52 makes

The riddle was solved and today the news came forward that Bicycle Espionage was the name of the deck in question that will hit Club 808 shelves in December.  Club 808 member Andrea Whitlock aka PrincessTrouble on The Discourse at was picked as the winner and shared the following photo on the forum revealing the upcoming deck:

Before the spies infiltrate and take over in December, Club 808 also revealed their October 1st deck drop called Bicycle Amber Stag, which was named by another Club 808 member in the Name-That-Deck contest in June of this year.  While the release date was announced for October 1st, uncut sheets were made available today in the member's section of Club 808.
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