News: The Blue Crown Releases Crown Luxury Deck: Diamond Edition (Only 2500 Printed)

Tonight on 12/26 The Blue Crown released the next playing card deck in their Crown Luxury Series and it is limited to only 2,500 decks. The new deck, which is dubbed the Diamond Edition, was designed by Randy Butterfield and boasts a brilliant white, silver and gold color scheme. According the The Blue Crown, the "faces are a classic Arrco design with custom coloring on the court cards."  They also custom designed the Ace of Spades and Jokers.

With the release of the Luxury Diamond Edition, The Blue Crown has released an even more limited edition deck that they are calling handmade. According to The Blue Crown, "This special deck features a real metal plaque autographed by Alex Pandrea (The Blue Crown Founder) instead of the gold foil plaque found on the main Diamond deck. The Handmade deck also has a custom sticker seal, and comes inside a custom Pack Jacket, also rendered in brilliant white and gold with an autographed plaque."

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