News: Card Designer Randy Butterfield Announces Solo Project Through Kings Wild Funded

Renowned playing card designer, Randy Butterfield of Midnight Card Company, announced today, July 18, 2014, on Facebook that his first solo project is coming soon. While little is known about the design, the "coming soon" photo (seen above) features a scaly/dragon-like background that is likely related to the project. Time will certainly tell. 

At this point launch details are also slim, however, the project will be eventually kicked off on Kings Wild Funded. Kings Wild Funded is a new crowd/card funding platform that just launched last week and is hosted by Jackson Robinson - the man behind the critically acclaimed Federal 52 playing cards

Partnering with other playing card companies is not new to Randy's go-to-market strategy. In fact, all of his designs to date have been run through The Blue Crown/House Of Playing Cards in some form or another. However, even though this is a collaboration with Kings Wild Funded, it is being sold as a solo project so it is likely Randy has more freedom and is spreading his wings a little more with this one. 

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