CONTEST: Your Chance to WIN 6 decks from Midnight Cards!!

Once again our friend Randy Butterfield and Midnight Cards is showing their generosity with a fun contest with some great prizes in honor of his newest project now LIVE on Kickstarter Midnight Bowl A Rama!

Not only that, but you have two ways to win, here on Kardify as well as on Midnight Cards Facebook page!


MIDNIGHT CARDS WINNER: a pair of Bowl-A-Rama PROTOTYPE Decks, a pair of Draconian Decks, an Unbranded Obsidian Deck and a Blue LUXX V1 Deck (6 Decks in total)

KARDIFY WINNER: a pair of Bowl-A-Rama PROTOTYPE Decks, a pair of Draconian Decks, a Bicycle Obsidian Deck and a Brown LUXX V1 Deck (6 Decks in total)

There are 80 different Team Names between the Bowl-A-Rama's Red and Black Decks' Numbers Cards. 14 of these chosen Team Names reference my past (Randy Butterfield). The Contest is simple. Choose which FOURTEEN (14) you think are the chosen ones. Whoever guesses the most correct, WINS.

To enter, you need to:
A: SHARE the project page Link ( AND
B: Submit your 14 guesses from the list of 80 Team Names to AND/OR

There will be a WINNER from Midnight Cards AND from Kardify. Each person who Enters may Enter to both locations (only one Share required). You can even submit a different set of answers to each of the two locations. You may Enter the same set of answers to both, if your are confident in your choices. Because of the nature of this Contest, all personal friends and family members to Randy Butterfield are not eligible.

Only ONE Entry per location, per person. WINNERS will be announced on Monday, April 6th at Noon EDT.

The list of 80 Team Names are available as a PDF ( or as an

Good Luck to everyone and LET THE GAMES BEGIN!
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