Kickstarter: SCALA- Architecture Playing Cards by Arquitectura a Contrapelo

Currently funding on Kickstarter, SCALA- Architecture Playing Cards is a unique deck of playing cards featuring a broad overview of the current architectural panorama.

According to the designer, every suit represents a 'scale' of buildings, from pavilions and houses to urban landmarks and infrastructures. Also, numbers of each suit features an architectural representation (elevations, sections, plans…). For example, Aces: Floor plans 2-7: Elevations (from lower to higher detail) 8-10: Inner views (conic perspectives) and J-K: Fa├žades in detail (from lower to higher abstraction).

Inspired by a counterpart Finnish project called "Play Architecture", SCALA brilliantly gathers structures of the last 25 years, over five continents and more than twenty countries, all neatly packaged in a standard deck of playing cards.

SCALA- Architecture Playing Cards will be printed in Europe by Fournier (a Spanish manufacturer owned by the United States Playing Card Company) with a special satin finish. Pledge starts from €15.
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