News: Today is National Playing Card Collection Day!

Wait a second....this is a real thing? Yes it is, and today marks the Inauguration of the Holiday!

The card collecting community has grown by an amazing rate over the last 7 or so years, new collectors show up everyday with new found excitement for these mini canvases of art. As the collecting base has grown so has the variety and technology of playing cards, giving collectors an enormous catalog of decks to add to their wish lists, and ultimately, to their collections.

So how did this all come to be? A familiar name in the community initiated the process with the National Special Events Registry department and here we are, our own Holiday! Alex Chin has not only brought the Playing Card community some of the most beautiful decks from his Seasons Playing Card Company, but he also has always thought of the collector and their collections. As a collector himself, the things he found lacking when he began collecting have inspired him to keep trying to bring something back to the Playing Card Community such as the Portfolio 52 Collectors Database where any collector can track and inventory their collections while discovering new decks they may not have heard of before.

So what is our new Holiday all about.....

History of the Day: 
National Playing Card Collection Day celebrates the collection of one of the oldest forms of portable art (circa 1200s). Playing cards are literal galleries of art and inspiration, showing and communicating the intentions of an artist to the public while also archiving the cultural values of their time. Collecting these art pieces allow us to be curators of our own galleries to display representing different check points in time. These collections can be seen as extensions of the collector and this day is a time to celebrate and share their collections to the public.

Inauguration of the Holiday:
This month mark's an event that will be very special for us collectors. This October 17th, the first-ever  National Playing Card Collection Day will be introduced to the world. Playing cards are galleries of art and inspiration, showing and communicating the intentions of an artist to the public, while also archiving the cultural values of their time. The creation of this holiday allows for a more global reach in attention and awareness that will allow us all to identify fellow collectors or even spark an interest in those curious. By finally getting approval for this holiday it opens up doors to the public eye by not being constrained by a geographical location, but to a holiday that everyone can recognize wherever they are in the world.

7 Ways to Celebrate National Playing Card Collection Day!

Social Media: Be sure to tag all the pictures and collections you share with #CardCollectionDay so, as a community of collectors, we can see and enjoy each other's collections as well.

Now go out and enjoy your new Holiday, treat yourself to a fresh pack of cards, share the day on Social Media and those friends who don't understand your passion for playing cards....this is our day, ENJOY IT!

Kardify would like to thank Alex for sharing not only his time, but his passion for his craft and the playing card community.
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