Card Radar: Afew deck by Afew Store, New Era and Yuta Maruyama

Afew deck is part of a project by Afew Store, a sneaker store located in Düsseldorf, Germany. The project, #afewmagic is a triple collaboration between Afew Store, New Era and magician Yuta Maruyama.

The offering includes the New Era Jacket, a New Era Cap and the #afewdeck. The jacket and the cap are packaged in a big case which has the same design as the card case (pictured below).

With every purchase of the jacket or the cap, the deck and a USB memory containing some magic and cardistry tutorials will be given free.

The deck was designed by Afew Store. According to Yuta,
The idea was to create a modern design, not too simple and not too fancy. So its great for both, magic and cardistry. 

This sleek-looking deck is fully custom. The court cards represent people from the Afew Store and those who worked on this project. The deck contains with 52 cards plus two Jokers, a double back and a blank card.

The Afew Deck was made by USPCC. Only 2500 decks were made and they will never be reprinted.

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