Deck View: Pipmen (Black Edition) Playing Cards

Playful. Creative. Fun.

From the team at Elephant Playing Cards (EPC), Pipmen Playing Cards is a fun, creative and a semi-transformation styled deck. Pipmen takes the creative impulse a step further in a Leremy-inspired playful design.

From the number cards to the courts and jokers, each design is unique. The court cards are reversible and tell a story. The Black edition deck is the standard version offered during the Kickstarter campaign.

EPC is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter for Pipmen World, the follow-up to Pipmen. Pipmen World features little Pipmen interacting with the suit symbols on the face of each card to make unique scenes. Each individual scene connects to all the others to create a large picture - an incredible picture of the Pipmen's world! Check out the Kickstarter project here!

Printed by Legends Playing Card Co. For more cool playing cards, check out JP Playing Cards.

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