Magic: Popular Italian Magician Jack Nobile to Release the White Flower Playing Cards

Created by popular Italian YouTuber, Jack Nobile and designed by Kiran Kuruvithadam, the White Flower is a calm, relaxing deck of playing cards with a soothing blue colorway. One year in the making, the beautiful white flower floating on the water symbolizes pure nature.

On the deck design, Jack tells Kardify,
The card back features a white lotus flower on a light blue background and we took the idea from the Madison Dealers. The Aces have the same color palette to the Jacks, Queens and Kings. The jokers are an up-oriented hand that gives life to a flower symbolizing rebirth and inner peace.

The face of the Jacks have been customised to include Jack Nobile's best friends: Lorenz on the Jack of Clubs, Hyde on the Jack of Diamonds, Iac on the Jack of Spades, and Jack Nobile on the Jack of Hearts. Jack continued,
We've also added a red/blue double face gaff card and a blank card to create magic effects. I hope you'll like this new deck! The idea is always the same... whenever you want to relax, after a hectic day, you can use this deck and devote your time to magic. It's just a relaxing deck. Thanks for letting me live this beautiful dream!

The White Flower Playing Cards are produced by AssoKappa and printed by the United States Playing Card Co. with Air Cushion Finish. The deck will be released on September 20, 2017.

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