News: Alex Pandrea and Patrick Kun Releases Green Visa Playing Cards

Created with travel, adventure and discovery in mind, the Green Visa Playing Cards is the continuation to the Visa series by Alex Pandrea and Patrick Kun.

The idea for Visa Playing Cards came in 2016 when Patrick Kun and Alex Pandrea began their journey together, touring and lecturing throughout Asia. While on tour, the idea of a deck of cards that represents "escape, discover, and journey" was inspired- which  designed an ASIA deck, which later turned into the Visa Playing Cards.

This latest edition comes in a deep green color with metallic gold accented design. The face cards are standard with the exception of the Ace of Spades and the jokers. For the magicians, the deck comes with a double backer and includes a duplicate 2 of hearts.

Like the other Visa's before it, the Green Visa Deck will be printed by the United Stated Playing Card Company on the elusive thin crushed stock. Also included with every purchase of the Green Visa Playign Cards is an depth tutorial on how to use the additional cards that come with the Deck. Available now from for $10.

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