Cardistry: Cavities, a Groundbreaking New Concept by Shivraj Morzaria

From the creative mind of Shivraj Morzaria, Cavities is a groundbreaking new concept taking cardistry beyond packet cuts and into the realms of unexpected and unique motion. According to Shivraj on,
Cavities gives you a new ground to explore upon, creative freedom and wide options of grips to play with... and  a lot more!

We reckon Cavities represents the next evolutionary step in cardistry as it brings more possibilities and combinations. Cavities will become a prominent sub-genre of cardistry.

After months of development, Shivraj has now made Cavities available to the community. In collaboration with Chase Duncan’s Pocket Park, Cavities will be using the popular Squids as the base. They are flexible, feels good, durable and waterproof!

Cavities are available for pre-order from $45 at Check out the mesmerizing launch video below:

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