News: Orbit Brown Drops INCREDIBLE Teaser for Orbit Fifth Edition Playing Cards

Over the weekend, Chris Brown premiered the Orbit Jam 4 at AMC in Santa Clara, California. The very well produced video features quite a number of recognizable name in cardistry- Jaspas, Henrik Forberg, Nick Stumphauzer, Joe Feldpausch, Matt Beaudouin, Shivraj Morzaria, Anna De Guzman, John Stessel, Edgar Hernandez and Sean Oulashin showcasing their incredible card flourishes. Chris told Kardify,
Seeing the Orbit Jam 4 in a theater changed everything for me. I became instantly addicted. I need to do this for the next one. The reaction to the 5th edition Orbits was incredible. So many people helped out with the reveal. There were many times where something could have easily gone wrong or went delayed but they didn't. Everything fell into place perfectly. Easily one of the most chaotic weekends of my entire life but I'm glad both the deck and the Jam came out within a day of each other.
Considering the number of incredible talents featured, this sleek video is very well put together and is probably THE best cardistry video this year. The mesmerizing showcase was a hint of what to expect for the fifth edition of the popular Orbit deck, which was teased at the end of the video by another incredible Cardistry talent! Check out the full view below:

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