Watch: Apothecary 2 Playing Cards by Alex Chin on Kardify Spotlight

We've partnered up with @thegentlemanwake on a series of 'spotlight' videos to give you the rundown on some of the latest and unique decks of playing cards around. We aim to publish the 1-minute spotlight video weekly on social media (Facebook: Kardify) and in addition, a link to @thegentlemanwake's full video if you want to have a more comprehensive look at a particular deck.

On this week's spotlight, we look at the Apothecary 2 playing cards meticulously designed by Alex Chin of Seasons Playing Cards. Both Verana Virtues, and Seronda Sentiment playing cards are based on the idea of capturing these invisible concepts like a feeling, or an idea, and then transforming them into very real items. Find out more in the video below and learn how you can win a copy of the deck. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE (YouTube: TheGentlemanWake)!

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