Consolidate and Display Your Playing Cards Collection- Carat Cases

I've had a few questions lately about how I display my deck collection. So, here's what I use... Carat Cases. Acrylic deck displays aren't a new concept, but these Carat cases are a simple and elegant way to display your decks.

Carat cases ingeniously incorporate little magnets to keep your decks secured in the display case and comes in various sizes and shapes.

That makes a ton of sense for decks you want to change decks in the display without dedicating too much time removing and replacing them. Also, it is a great way to display the deck on your desk or cupboard without dedicating precious desk real estate to other chunky displays.

They come in various sizes and dimensions to meet the needs of your collection. Check it out at For the coming months, we will be showcasing some incredible decks stored in Carat Cases on our new monthly Carat Collections feature. Stay tuned!

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