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Kardify is a leading source for playing card news, analysis, interviews, reviews and previews. Kardify covers the latest deck releases from both mainstream and independent designers. From first looks of the deck to designer bio’s, we aim to not only inspire our readers with amazing and beautiful designs but also reveal the story behind each deck of playing cards, there’s always something new to discover.

With approximately 30k+ monthly pageviews and 13000+ social media followers, Kardify would like to build an online community for collectors, enthusiasts, cardists to discover, learn, share ideas and connect with others around the world.

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Team Kardify 

Ivan Choe
Founder, Kardify

Ivan has had a lifelong passion for magic and playing cards. He grew up watching magic on television and was enthralled by magicians such as David Copperfield and David Blaine. This sparked his interest in the art of misdirection and began learning from classic books such as Card College by Roberto Giobbi, The Expert at the Card Table by S.W. Erdnase.

As time progressed, he lost his interest in magic and became fascinated with card manipulation when Ellusionist released the System by Dan and Dave. Since then his passion for cardistry and all things playing cards grew exponentially.

Ivan was born and raised in Malaysia. He obtained his degree in Finance and masters of IT from the University of Queensland. He currently live in Brisbane, Australia with his wife, Jess. His other hobbies include playing tennis, typography, writing, watching movies and the English Premier League.

Anthony Ingrassia
Co-founder and partner, Kardify

Anthony's background is in Photography, Art and Graphic design, way back when, before tablets and Photo Shop. He has always appreciated creativity in any form, visual, musical, movies and of course the many mediums that it's presented in the classic sense of the word.

Anthony grew up working in custom Photo Houses, taking in and processing images for Chicago and National magazines. He spent most of his professional career in Marketing and Advertising, and as a freelance Photographer.

Anthony always been a collector, his earliest collection was TV Guide and loved all the different ways they would present their covers, photographic, animated, caricature. He moved on to Sports Memorabilia and Comic Books and then found a real passion for Zippo Lighters, which he still collect, but in a much more specific method.

Zippos actually brought him to Playing Cards. He loved magic when he was younger, fantasy, special effects, etc... and was a big fan of fantasy art. One of the Zippos he was looking for was by Anne Stokes, when he finally came upon it, he noticed she had some playing cards with her work on them...the rest as they say, is history.

The fun part about Playing Cards is that it brought back a lot of passions that were slowly dwindling away, magic, photography and art. He's been able to enjoy all those aspects with this one hobby. In his own words... "It's my hobby and my passion and the friendships I've made thus far have been worth the price of admission".

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