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Designers: Rick Davidson's Origins Playing Card

Last week I posted about Rick Davidson's 16th century playing card, where he released a Queen of Hearts and a Queen of Diamonds inspired by 16th century originals. This week he has posted an updated Queen of Diamonds along with a back and tuck case design for the project that is officially titled Origins.

Will it be a Kickstarter project? Another crowd funding site project?  Self-Funded? USPCC?  There is currently not much detail about when it will be printed or by who or what will follow once the project is designed. However, Tuck Case will be sure to cover all developments. See Update Below

Here are the most recent and updated photos added for the project courtesy of the Dribbble page for the Origin project with additional photos that show inspiration:

Origin Playing CardsOrigin Playing Cards

Origin Playing CardsOrigin Playing Cards

Update: 5/22/2013 8:23PM EST 

thread that was posted on the also featured this deck today (5/22). Rick joined the forum and posted this reply about the deck.

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  1. Hi Scott,
    Thanks very much for the interest! Early days in this project but I've put up a new site that I'll add more to over time. But anyone wishing to receive updates can subscribe. Hopefully I can supply you with a deck down the track for review ;)

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