Kickstarter: ROYAL OPTIK Makes Red Deck Available

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Kickstarter: ROYAL OPTIK Makes Red Deck Available

The instantly funded Kickstarter Project, ROYAL OPTIK, recently made the Red Deck available. The Red Deck was supposed to be an add-on released once the project reached 700% funding. However, Uusi (project creator) could not wait and released it early. The deck will feature the same as the original black deck but will have a red back and red tuck case as seen here (courtesy of the project's kickstarter page):

RoyalOptikRedDeck RoyalOptikRedDeckback

Since the Red Deck was released early the following changes will take place:

  • A custom brick box will be made available once the project hits 700% funding.

  • There will be a 5,000 max limit on the amount of original ROYAL OPTIK decks printed. The Red decks are not expected to reach 5,000 but there will also be a 5,000 limit on the Red decks as well.

The project is still taking funding until June 17th. Check out the ROYAL OPTIK Kickstarter in order to make a pledge for the original deck and add on the red.
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