News: Circle City Card Company Uncertainty; Court Cards Revealed for Possible Upcoming Deck

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News: Circle City Card Company Uncertainty; Court Cards Revealed for Possible Upcoming Deck

Update 9/12: After posting this story, we learned in a comment on a post of the same subject, John mentioned he has not heard from Circle City since June and does not own the artwork. It looks like a bust folks! Uncertainty at the max for this company and project. 

While there has been uncertainty surrounding the Circle City Card Company, the company behind the Quicksilver playing card deck, it seems as if they are planning another deck release. The deck, which will have an esoteric and occult secrets theme, currently has very little details associated with the release/if it will ever be released given the company's current situation.

A little background on the situation: 

Earlier this year, Circle City released teaser images of an upcoming Spring 2013 deck on their Facebook page, which has been inactive since April 1, of a deck that would be called Komodo. At this point, we have not seen Komodo released anywhere. The design of this new deck does not fit the Komodo profile. The last deck project, which ran on Kickstarter in the Spring called Quicksilver, has caused an uproar regarding decks that haven't shipped. Although the project's latest update has assured backers that the project is still shipping months after the expected ship date. They were also connected to the failed Army Men deck that also ran on Kickstarter earlier this year but were not the exclusive owners of the project.

The new project: 

While there are very little details regarding a deck release timeline or the state of the company, John Powell of Salt Lake City, the deck's designer, has released the entire court card series on his Behance account this week.  A time lapse video posted on Youtube back in December 2012 shows this project was not recently initiated. According to Powell's description of the court cards, he has designed "the entire court of royalty plotting with and against each other."  The design is Powell's custom take on traditional Anglo-American court cards with completely redesigned faces, color palette and weapon selection. The very well known Suicide King even features some blood splatter worked in with the rest of the elements in an oddly tasteful manner that does not blatantly scream "blood and guts."

Here is a look at some of the cards courtesy of John Powell's Behance account:

To see the rest of the court cards click here to be taken to John's Behance page.
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  1. About Circle City CARD COMPANY and their project on KS i have to say that i received a complete refund for ARMY MEN project but i'am still waiting for my pledge of Quicksilver paid about 1 year ago.So i think i'll never pledge anymore other CCCC project on KS,if they produce this new deck i'll buy it from other reseller.

  2. Yeah I think the whole situation is just rough. I think they put out good work as demonstrated in the artwork above but the business could use some management. It may be awhile before they regain trust back but I'll say that with the increase in KS projects going up almost daily, it will be harder for them to secure funding as people drop off their wagon.


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