News: Encarded Starts Design On Tendril Ascendant Project

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News: Encarded Starts Design On Tendril Ascendant Project

Just when we thought Paul Carpenter of Encarded would take a breather after his massive Bicycle Deco project, Paul has presented to the card community an upcoming project that is in very early stages of design and development.  The news came late this afternoon on Encarded's Twitter account in less than 140 characters....

The project is called Tendril Ascendant and according to Encarded's website, this is not a recolor of the first Tendril release. The website then went on to say....
...we have embarked on a new design that will try to do all these things; Use the shadow borders in new ways, increase the detailed geometric line work, include the face and border patterns of our newer decks, explore radical tuck box designs, be bright and dynamic but also be more sophisticated and elegant.
While the design is still in very early development and there is no release date set on this deck, Encarded shared a glimpse into what we might expect. Here is a larger version:

As Paul from Encarded is known for documenting his releases on his website, click here to read more about the project as it unfolds.

This announcement comes only a few months after Encarded and Jackson Robinson announced a project collaboration for later this year. Given the nature of this release paying so much homage to Encarded's first release, it does not seem as if this is the collaboration that was announced.
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