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News: Zach Mueller's Blue Fontaine Playing Cards Coming Soon

In February of this year Zach Mueller, host of Theory 11's weekly news vlog The Wire, launched his long anticipated playing card project called Fontaine on the Kickstarter alternative, Fontaine was a huge success for Mueller as it raised over $20,000 and is now a highly sought after deck of cards in the playing card space for cardistry and magic. The deck, which gets it's name from a Bioshock video game villain of the same name, was originally released in red. However, after months of waiting on what the boy wonder would do next with the Fontaine brand, Zach has finally released teaser images of a blue Fontaine deck on his instagram account with the caption "Coming Soon."

While a release date or go to market strategy (crowdfunding, direct to consumer, wholesale, limited seller etc...) is not currently known, we do know that Mueller is building a brand around Fontaine as he since launched a website selling apparel along with other Fontaine products at 
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