Kickstarter: Kingdoms of a New World Playing Cards

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Kickstarter: Kingdoms of a New World Playing Cards

Created by Nathanael Mortensen in collaboration with illustrator Jonas Akerlund, Kingdoms of a New World is a beautifully illustrated deck of playing cards inspired by the world of Fantasy Sci-Fi. The artwork and style used in popular Customisable Card Games have been thoughtfully replicated in this deck. 

Currently a Kickstarter campaign, the project is seeking $18k in funding and there is no doubt the goal will be met in the next few days. A lot of hard work has been put into the design and illustration of the deck.

For example, each suit represents a different kingdom: Spades - Spirit, Clubs - Nature, Diamonds - Technology and Hearts - Sky. The intricate design of the borders are illustrated beautifully to represent each court cards' kingdom. Having said that, each of the court cards are custom and unique to each kingdom which exemplify the uniqueness of this deck.

The backs are beautifully designed with the four kingdom being represented in each corner of the card. As a result of the design, the backs are more one-way and might turn some cardists off. However, due to the subtle design of the back and the beautiful illustrations on the face cards, doubt anyone will notice.

No images for the tuck case or aces have been published yet. With more than 20 days remaining in the project, I am certain the creator will update backers as the campaign progresses.

The deck will be printed by the United States Playing Card Company and will be Bicycle branded. There are three decks on offer to backers- One red and one blue unlimited decks and one limited deck with a mysterious black and gold back. Pledge starts from $11.

The first deck is due out to the backers by July 2014.
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