Limited October Playing Cards

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Limited October Playing Cards

The masters of just released October Playing Cards by Brad Fulton. Only available for the month of October or while stocks last, the October Playing Cards are a limited release.

October Playing Cards is a frightfully fun and whimsically illustrated artwork of Steven Noble. Images of Halloween season such as pumpkins, skeletons, ghosts and ghouls are clearly visible.

The tuck case is embossed and the artwork has this fun feel to it. What is impressive is the printing inside the tuck case that makes it really unique. However, the artwork design on front and back of the box is repeated. A disappointment!

As for the cards, they are a little underwhelming. The backs are quite fancy but that is just it. It is not eye catching and doesn't really stand out.

The court cards are custom. It is very well illustrated and really unique. However with the exception of the King of Hearts, the court cards are identical across suits! Another disappointment.

Finally, the handling is as expected. Awesome for cuts, flourishes, fans and faros. The usual high quality finish by the United States Playing Card Company.

I am a little disappointed with this deck. The artwork is beautiful and the deck handles like a dream but the design is underwhelming and the customisation seems lazy. It seems like this deck was rushed out to meet the October deadline. As this is a limited edition, I reckon it is still a must have for collectors. 

- Unique deck theme
- Beautiful artwork
- High quality finish

- Back design underwhelming
- Repetitive custom courts
- Repetitive front and back tuck case design

- 2.5/5
Limited October Playing Cards Reviewed by Ivan on 10/11/2013 Rating: 5

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