Theory11 Releases Red Monarch Playing Cards

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Theory11 Releases Red Monarch Playing Cards

Theory11 released the original Monarchs in 2011 and it quickly became one of Theory11's best-selling deck. Then there is the Limited Edition White Monarchs, which overloaded the servers due to high demand.

This year, they're back; and this time... in red. According to the marketing material, the back design has been updated with a vibrant and a more dramatic shade of red.

The tuck case has been updated as well with the highest quality paper ever used on a deck of cards. This luxurious new paper gives the tuck a rich, matte finish — incredibly soft to the touch.

The cards are printed on Q1 quality paper, with ultra-thin borders, first introduced on our Animal Kingdom Playing Cards.

Available for $6.95/deck from
Theory11 Releases Red Monarch Playing Cards Reviewed by Ivan on 10/31/2013 Rating: 5


  1. they did a huge effort by swapping a color with another. Congrats eheh :)

  2. Lol... that seem to be the trend for DnD, E and T11 these days. Well, that's why Kickstarter decks are doing so well. ;)


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