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Deck View: Crown Luxury Deck- Diamond & Handmade Editions

Royal. Elegant. Luxury.

Designed by Randy Butterfield,  the Diamond Edition Luxury Deck is an elegant and premium version of Blue Crown's original Crown deck. The back design is printed in gorgeous white and grey with metallic gold ink. The design is created entirely from Gold and Silver foil and multiple levels of embossing. 

Photo below is a very special Handmade Editions of the Diamond Edition Luxury Deck. This VERY limited edition (only 144) deck features a real metal plaque autographed by Alex Pandrea instead of the gold foil plaque found on the main Diamond deck. The Handmade deck also has a custom sticker seal, and comes inside a beautiful and sturdy custom Pack Jacket, also rendered in brilliant white and gold with an autographed plaque.

This rare Deck View is contributed by @Charlie_L1f3, our regular Deck View guru. Check out his Instagram to see more of his awesome collection.

Available at theBlueCrown
Deck View: Crown Luxury Deck- Diamond & Handmade Editions Reviewed by Ivan on 2/21/2014 Rating: 5

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