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Revealed: Stockholm17 Playing Cards by Lorenzo Gaggiotti

Lorenzo Gaggiotti has just been unveiled as the artist behind the mysterious Stockholm17 Playing Cards. This deck was created exclusively for the launch of Cardlauncher. Besides that, not much is known about this deck.

From the teaser images, Lorenzo's use of simplicity, contrast and eclecticism can be clearly seen on this deck. For example, the diamonds courts have an Egyptian look, the Jacks have a side profile, the Queens faces the front and the King looks to the left towards the Queen (when they are put in the J,Q,K sequence).

The Stockholm17 courts incorporated one or more graphical elements taken and redesigned from the standard Tally-Ho from USPCC as a homage to the well known standard courts.

The Jack of Hearts

The Queen of Clubs

The King of Diamonds

Find out more about Stockholm17 Playing Cards here. Also, to see more exclusives and interviews, please follow us Facebook.

Revealed: Stockholm17 Playing Cards by Lorenzo Gaggiotti Reviewed by Ivan on 7/30/2014 Rating: 5


  1. Absolutely gorgeous deck! I would love to own one. Can't wait for the website to launch now, and I only heard about it 5 minutes ago.

  2. Agreed..! Lorenzo' been bz no doubt. :)

  3. I really love the design of this deck and how it looks completely custom, but has taken elements from the standard court designs.

  4. Agreed! Lorenzo is a very talented designer. Can't wait to see more of his work in the future. :)


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