Revealed: The United States Playing Card Co. presents Civil War by Jackson Robinson

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Revealed: The United States Playing Card Co. presents Civil War by Jackson Robinson

There is no denying that Jackson Robinson and the Kings Wild Project have made an impact on the playing card industry as well as the crowd funding venue Kickstarter. Jackson has taken a concept and turned it into a business. Not one to sit back and wait, Jackson’s constantly writing the next chapter for the Kings Wild Project as well as himself. The Kings Wild Fulfilment Center was the 1st branch out for the company, and just recently Jackson launched his in house crowd funding platform, Kings Wild Funded that will showcase Kings Wild Projects by Jackson as well as up and coming artists designing decks under the Kings Wild Project’s branding.

Another chapter is right around the corner for Jackson. It’s not a secret or surprise that Jackson was approached by the United States Playing Card Company a while back and contracted to produce a deck for the US based printer. After all, they are very familiar with Jacksons work, having produced all of his projects to date.  The first Official USPC Exclusive playing cards designed by Jackson Robinson will be The Civil War Series; this project will mark the first non-kickstarter project for Jackson and is scheduled for release sometime in the near future.

The historically themed Series will consist of 4 decks, 2 Standard Editions and 2 Limited Edition, both featuring the meticulous detail and design standards we’ve grown accustomed to from Jackson. The Civil War Standard Editions will represent the North Union in a Blue deck and the Confederate South in a Red Deck. The Standard Editions will be released across multiple USPC outlets including their Bicycle web site. The Limited Edition decks will feature the same Tuck and Card design as the Standard Decks, but will be presented in an embossed and foiled tuck box and a limited print run of only 1500 decks of each color.

The Limited Edition decks will be available exclusively on the Kings Wild Project web site for purchase in the near future, so keep an eye out.

To keep up with Kings Wild Projects and never miss an announcement visit the website as well as follow Jackson and Kings Wild on Facebook.

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  1. Really cool decks! Looking forward to these. Kinda reminds me of the Federal 52 series decks.

  2. I am checking the website and my local stores. I am looking forward to these! Thank you for the article.



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