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EXCLUSIVE: Sky Island Airways Playing Cards by the Blue Crown

Multiple new Black Friday ads have been posted around the internet in the last few days, but none is as intriguing as those from the Blue Crown. The teaser ad features vintage photos of a luxury airline called Sky Island Airways. Little is known about this particular airlines and scouring the internet did not turn up much...

Except for this one little write-up on The News:
In the 1960s, a luxury airline called Sky Island Airways offered an exclusive getaway unlike any other. Passengers were whisked away on private jets to a secluded tropical island known only as "Sky Island". The island offered the very best in food, drink, entertainment, and relaxation. The airline served no other destinations - it was devoted purely to bringing customers to paradise. 
With a small fleet of aircraft and only 10 occupants allowed on the island at one time, it was truly a privilege to access this modern Eden. 
One day, it all vanished. The planes, the airline, and even the island itself. The only evidence that it had ever existed was a supply of the playing cards that were handed out to passengers during each flight. 

To this day, nobody knows exactly what happened to Sky Island or the airline. Did the island sink to the bottom of the ocean, bringing the planes with it? Was it a hoax? A dream?

Thanks to the Blue Crown, here's an exclusive first look at the Sky Island Airways playing cards that have been amazingly preserved for nearly five decades.

More images and information in Part II of this exclusive reveal. Stay tuned!

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