Collections: Whispering Imps by Chris Chelko

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Collections: Whispering Imps by Chris Chelko

Right off the bat let me state this........without a doubt, MUST HAVE!

Whispering Imps by Chris Chelko and Whispering Imps Productions are one of my favorite decks in my collection. Just a great concept inspired by the Harry Kellar Whispering Imp portrait.

I like that it just shouts "Magic", while the deck does have "standard" spot cards and courts, the back design is just amazing with a bit of familiarity in the layout combined with a unique, mischievous tone set by the Imp design and border images. The Whispering Imps are two wonderful decks surrounded by two beautiful tuck cases.

Both decks have custom seals and embossing with the "Standard" edition having a soft black velum tuck with a striking Red Foiled Imp that wraps around one corner of the tuck, the title is just as striking in black foil. The Special Edition is a Premium Starfire Red velum tuck with a complete embossed, red foil representation of the back design on the back side of the tuck. The front of the tuck also uses the same formula as the black tuck in that the title is foiled in the same color as the box.

Both decks are sold out on the official site and may take a bit of searching to acquire due to their popularity and limited print run. The Standard Black deck only had a print run of 3900, while the Special Edition (Red) was limited to 1700. The Imps did return in a "Black Edition" which is still available at

Highly recommended for any collector or aficionado.

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