Collections: Zenith by Encarded

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Collections: Zenith by Encarded

The one thing you can always count on from Paul Carpenter of Encarded is a unique design concept. Paul Carpenter always seems to find a way to take design concepts, shapes and patterns to a whole new level, and Zenith is no different. 

The Zenith deck was self funded by Encarded and was a very limited release of only 1000 numbered decks. Needless to say they sold out relatively quickly and have found their way onto the "Sought After" and "Must Have" lists of many collectors and enthusiast.

The deck is completely custom, starting with the rainbow reflective tuck case design wrapped around a side opening Tuck case. The tuck itself has a bit of a heavier feel to it than most tucks and photos just don't do the "Reflective" creativity justice. The deck also comes with a custom Ace of Spades, custom Jokers and courts that continue the "Spherical" design and theme of the deck. The back design in basic black and white has a hypnotic look to it and produces a truly stunning and intricate fan. Zenith definitely earns a spot on my "Must Have" list, if you missed out on the release of Zenith, the deck can still be found with a little searching, but does command a bit of a premium. There are a handful of designers out there who continue to ride the edge of creativity with each new release, and Paul Carpenter and Encarded are one of them. They never seem to settle for the same old, same old and are always looking for new and interesting ways to share their vision.

Highly recommended!


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