Top 12: Playing Cards of 2014

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Top 12: Playing Cards of 2014

It's been an amazing year! As we near the end of what's been a busy and successful year for playing cards, we are going to take one last look back at 2014. Compiling the list has been a lot fun but hard work as there are just so many quality decks this year, making it difficult to narrow them down. If you think we left your favorite deck out, let us know in the comment section below. :)

12. LUXX

Earlier this year, a teaser image of LUXX was circulated to the customers of JP Playing Cards and what a buzz it has generated around the playing cards community! This privately funded deck of cards is created by Paul Middleton and designed by the talented Randy Butterfield. LUXX is elegant, intricate and beautiful whilst remaining practical and fun to use.

11. Origins: Grail Edition

Inspired by the elegance and charm of playing card history, designer and illustrator Rick Davidson has masterfully created Origins Playing Cards. All of the Grail cards are individually researched and custom designed. The amazing fine details on the backs features metallic gold ink. The tuck case is printed on high quality stock, fully embossed and the box details is embellished with gloss gold foil, giving it a touch of elegance and sophistication.

10. Aquila Limited Edition

A collaboration between Three of Clubs and Kardify Projects, Aquila Limited Edition Playing Cards are meticulously designed by Indonesian graphic artist, Ade Suryana. This stunning deck is inspired by the Garuda Wisnu Kencana in Bali, Indonesia. Featuring fully custom back design, eye-catching Ace of Spades, diptych Jokers and stunning courts. The tuck looks incredible with elegant gold foil plus embossing on imported paper giving it a very luxurious feel.

9. Requiem

One of our most anticipated 2014 project, Requiem Playing Cards is a stunning deck created by Lorenzo Gaggiotti. This unique deck is 100% custom and features darkness and pain as a theme. The suits are made out of broken Hearts, Clubs with thorns, cracked Diamonds and dry leaves as Spades. Pips are unique and the gold metallic ink on this blood red deck gives it a touch of class.

8. Seven Seas

First amazing playing card project by Brain Vessel Creative! What a great experience! The Seven Seas Playing Cards is a customized nautical themed deck with beautifully illustrated images of pirates, ghost ships, sea creatures and life on the high seas. The deck is about the dichotomy of a life at sea.

7. Hive

The Limited Edition Hive Playing Card is designed and illustrated by Brendan Hong and independently produced by Kings Wild Project. Inspired by classic playing card art, this fully customized 54 card deck that comes with its own unique court cards to customized back design to Bee inspired Ace of spades. The deck comes in matching set of blue and red back design.

6. Sherlock Holmes: Baker Street Edition

Created by Kings Wild Project, the Sherlock Holmes Playing Cards: Baker Street Edition is the flagship deck of the entire Sherlock Holmes Series. The Baker Street Edition features an intricate back design that includes iconic elements from many of the beloved stories. The court cards for the Baker Street Edition are inspired by the original late 19th & 20th century engravings and illustrations that were released with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's novels and short stories. The tuck case features premium paper stock with embossing and Gold foiling and is printed both on the inside and out.

5. Zenith

Zenith is the first deck in the Encarded Signature Series masterfully designed by Paul Carpenter. This impressive deck was self-funded with a very limited release of only 1000 numbered decks. Needless to say they sold out relatively quickly and have found their way onto the Sought After and Must Have lists of many collectors and enthusiast. Housed in a special sideways opening tuck box made of elegant, thick matte black paper, Zenith is adorned with amazingly detailed and vibrant holographic silver foil and sealed with a sequentially numbered seal under the cellophane.

4. RUN: Bankroll Edition

Produced by Jason Brumbalow and Murphy's Magic the Limited RUN series captures detail, stunning looks and an attitude. Beautiful presentation with the outer shell case and just as impressive tuck box makes the RUN a unique concept that is garnering much attention. The deck is 100% Custom from every aspect in and out. Familiar yet different court cards tie the custom Jokers, Ace of Spades and stylized pips together.

3. Independence

This one came as a surprise in 2014. Created by Kings Wild Project, the Independence playing card series is inspired by the American Revolution, featuring both a Continentals Deck and a British (Crown) deck. The courts, back design, diptych joker and Ace of Spaces are fully customized. The tuckcase is created to Kings Wild standards with embossing, custom numbered seals, artwork and foiling both inside and outside the tuckcase.

 2. Ornate - Obsidian Edition

One word: Stunning! This Limited Obsidian Edition decks are part of the White Ornate series. Meticulously designed by Randy Butterfield and produced by HOPC, this beautiful deck exudes elegance. The tuck box is truly mesmerizing, crafted from a deep matte black vellum paper. The design has been carefully stamped in Black and Gold foil, giving the box a shimmer and shine. As a bonus, the inside of the tuck is coated in a solid wall of gold foil.

1. 52 Plus Joker: The Club Deck

Designed by Jackson Robinson, the Club Deck was offered exclusively to attendees of this years 52 Plus Joker Convention being held in Charleston, South Carolina. This ultra-rare deck is just amazing, a bright white two piece "Slip Case" accented by silver foil houses the just as spectacular cards featuring a mirrored and foiled back design of the "52" script. The deck also features a custom Ace of Spades, beautifully rich custom court cards and two custom Jokers depicting the 52 Plus Joker Logo. The Club Deck also features a custom numbered seal.

Honorable mention: Pagan by UUSI, Gatorback (Green) by David Blaine, Tally-Ho by Kings Wild, 100 Years' War by SPAAAADE&Co, the Flight Deck by Paul Roman Martinez, Whispering Imps: Black Edition by Chris Chelko, and Voltige by Dan & Dave.

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  1. Excellent list Tony :) I'm proud to say I own every single deck on this top 12 list :)

  2. This was not an easy year to have to come up with ONLY 12 decks, 2014 was just amazing


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