Collections: Fraggle Rock by The Spare Room

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Collections: Fraggle Rock by The Spare Room

Something a little off the beaten path, The Spare Room and Henson came together to create a limited edition deck based on the Henson characters of Fraggle Rock. The playing cards, produced by the US Playing Card Company, feature all your favorite Fraggles in fine form, plus recipes and other words of wisdom from The Spare Room.

My kids grew up watching Fraggle Rock, and I have to admit I'm a big Jim Henson fan, the man was something special. But I know many will look at this and be turned off, but I have to say this deck was well designed and and has great detail. Beautiful embossing on the tuck, accented by gold foil are just the beginning of this completely custom deck. A classic back design was given a little "Fraggle" inspiration, the custom courts feature Fraggle's in classic court layouts, I even like the "Smallish" pips. The quality of this deck would put some modern decks to shame.

If you can get passed the subject matter for just a minute and you appreciate the creativity of the deck, tuck and cards, you owe it to yourself to add these to your collections.

The best part, they can still be had for $10.00 at The Spare Room, check them out.

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