Revealed: LUXX: Shadow Edition Playing Cards Part II

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Revealed: LUXX: Shadow Edition Playing Cards Part II

This is the second part of our first look at the upcoming LUXX: Shadow Edition deck from JP Playing Cards. In part I we looked at the theme colours and the motivation behind creating a new version. In this first look, we will focus on the design, the pricing and the date for the pre-order of LUXX: Shadow Edition.

On the design differences between the two LUXX versions and the price point, Paul said:
No differences in the actual design at all aside from colour and tuck. It’s a colour change, with metallics. We are not ashamed about that but in order to get the price down lower we needed to use those same plates and up the print run, as you probably know. Whilst we appreciate the use of colours is not unique, the idea behind the ‘Shadow Edition’ is that the black replaces the silver from v1 and creates a shadow effect, something that we feel looks unusual and sets v2 LUXX apart.

We’ll have lower pricing for the pre orders along with a special holographic seal for the first 500 of each deck purchased as a thank you to early customers, along with a very cool brick box made of the same tuck stock that the LUXX tucks - and a black nickel v2 dealer coin to complete the set’.
Standard pricing for these decks will be £7.99 or £7.49 each for 2. The special price of £6.99/£6.49 applies during the Pre-Order window only, starting April 30th at 4PM GMT for 2 weeks. As Paul mentioned above, the first 500 of each deck will have a special holographic seal and will be available for sale individually only during the pre-order window.

A maximum of 4 decks with holographic seals will be in any one order, You can order as many as you wish - but only the first 4 will have the seals. It's essentially to give as many people as possible a chance to grab them, If they don't sell out Paul will include them in the split bricks after the release date.

The release date is expected (but not confirmed) to be May 30th. All pre-orders are expected to be despatched by the release date. To find out more about LUXX: Shadow Edition Playing Cards, visit JP Playing Cards - one of the fastest growing collectible playing card stores in the World.

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