Collections: Scarlett Tally Ho by Kings Wild Project

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Collections: Scarlett Tally Ho by Kings Wild Project

Kings Wild Projects has brought us some of the most beautiful, collectable decks in the industry in the last few years. The latest uber collectable offering does not disappoint, the Scarlett Tally Ho’s. Inspired by the iconic brand as well as Jackson Robinson’s daughter (Scarlett), the deck is a beautiful reworking of the classic Tally Ho’s.

The Tuck is a deep red with Gold Foil accents and embossing as well as a “Lattice” like pattern that embellishes the interior of the tuck to complete the custom case. For those with a keen eye, there is also a secret buried within that I’ll leave for you to discover. The cards themselves have completely custom courts with 2 gold metallic ink accents on the face cards as well as 1 gold metallic ink accent on the back design presented in the bold, intricate design style that we’ve come to expect from KWP. The Ace of Spades as well as the Jokers design are homage to the original key card design and concept.

The Scarlett Tally Ho’s were available in 3 variations, the Limited Edition, the Gold Edition and the Legacy Edition. All 3 printed in very limited numbers. The Limited Edition had a print run of 700 decks, the Gold Edition Only 200 decks and featured Gold Gilded edges and the Legacy Edition which featured a Gilded Deck in a Custom wooden slip case which was individually numbered to 50 and signed by Jackson Robinson on a custom seal. For those who cringed at the thought of opening there rewards, display decks were also available with a “Standard” tuck and the same deck within, metallic inks and all.

When Jackson started teasing this deck I was really excited about it, it is Jackson at his best. These decks were geared towards true collectors and while some were none too happy about the cost of adding one of these decks to their collection, they were swallowed up at a feverish pace. This campaign really boiled down to what type of collector you see yourself as and those who are interested in the uber limited made their voices heard. While I find myself questioning Limited offerings more and more each day, the Scarlett Tally Ho’s were no disappointment and delivered quite the bang for your buck in my opinion. So much so that recently a Legacy Edition was sold in upwards of $600.00 on eBay. Would I pay that, probably not, but the Scarlett’s offered everything you would look for in a true collectable, a limited offering and most importantly, a beautiful custom package from tuck to cards. Numbers aren’t what it’s all about, if the deck is lacking a 25 deck print run is meaningless.

I would highly recommend adding these to your collection, although if you missed picking them up during the campaign it will put a dent in your wallet. If nothing else, pick up a display deck and keep an eye out for a Limited Edition to stash away. If you have no financial limitations, definitely go for the gold.

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