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News: The Second Annual PCF Deck Design Competition Sponsored by the Expert Playing Card Company

Do you have a design idea for a playing card deck? 

It's that time of the year to take your design, hammer out the dents, then present it at the Discourse! After what was a very successful first effort, (PCF) and the Expert Playing Card Company (EPCC) have decided to hold their second annual design competition for playing card deck designers.

Originally known as the "Discourse Deck Design Contest," the PCF Deck Design Competition will follow the format of the first competition almost exactly. Entries will be judged by the forum's general membership by way of election, and the winning design will be produced by EPCC.

How It Works 

Stage One is now underway. The competition will begin the design review stage, which will last for four weeks. Designers are encouraged (though not required) to post their designs at PCF's Design and Development message board for the membership to review and provide comments.

Stage Two begins Wednesday, July 15th 12:00 AM EDT: Official entry topic will be opened in PCF's Playing Card Plethora message board. Designers will have one week in which to post their designs and officially enter the competition.

Stage Three starts Wednesday, July 22, 12:00 AM EDT: the entry phase will close and no further entries will be accepted. Shortly thereafter, members will be asked to vote on their favorite design.

Stage Four starts Wednesday, July 29, 12:00 AM EDT: the voting stage ends. If one design has received a clear majority (any amount greater than 50%) of the vote, it will be declared the winner of the competition.

If there is a plurality, the two most voted-for designs will have a run-off election to last for two days, ending Friday, July 31, 12:00 AM EDT.

The Prize 

The winning artist receiving 432 copies (3 gross, or 36 dozen) decks of their design. Last year's winning design, the Evil Deck by Giovanni Meroni, is presently on sale and available at the Conjuring Arts Research Center's online store.

This is the kind of contest where you can win without actually being the winner, just from the exposure that your design receives. Also, you might get an indication of the responses for that Kickstarter project you've been thinking of, or perhaps you'll catch the attention of a design house that's interested in your work!

Giovanni has been a success story. Starting his own company Thirdway Industries and successfully funding two decks, Delirium and Omnia on Kickstarter.

Head on over to the Discouse and start your journey!

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