Collections: LUXX Version 2 Shadow Edition by JP Playing Cards

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Collections: LUXX Version 2 Shadow Edition by JP Playing Cards

In 2014 JP Playing Cards launched an idea, an idea that consisted of bringing a custom deck to the on-line retailers inventory that was truly its own. That line was LUXX. The coolest part of the LUXX model was that it took one of today’s best designers and utilized their talents to design a truly striking pack of cards. The original release (v1) was hugely successful and has become a bit of a must have in many aficionado’s collections. The follow up to the v1 is the LUXX Shadow Edition. Version 2 offers the same features that were praised in Version 1, but in a new “Classic” color pallet.
The Shadow Edition is available in both Gold and Silver, both tucks have the same design as the original with gold/silver accent foil as well as a black accent that give the tuck a nice pop. The interior of the tuck also brings back the shimmering glossy interior and, as with the original, I just love the stock of the tuck. A nice heave sturdy feel that gets away from the thinner standard tuck stock we see in common decks.

The deck itself once again has completely custom courts, jokers and Ace of Spades, and also includes a Poker Hand Ranking guide. The pips have a subtle customization as to not be distracting in a game of Poker and the same can be said of the court cards, they remain very familiar, yet offer subtle touches to set them apart.  The LUXX line so far has featured the design work of Randy Butterfield, designer of another striking deck, Draconian. Randy’s work is featured on both version 1 and 2. The interesting thing about JP’s LUXX line is that their bringing in some proven talent to let them give their twist on the LUXX line, next up is designer Rick Davidson of the Origins deck.

The LUXX line has been stellar so far, form and function and beautiful to look at whether in a collection or poker table. I think the formula JP’s using thus far is brilliant by bringing in familiar designers to extend the run of LUXX. If you’re unfamiliar with LUXX or JP’s Playing Cards, give them a visit. While the version 1 decks have become scarce, the version 2 Shadow Edition are still available if you haven’t added them to your collection as of yet. The long and short of it is these decks have a beautiful look, feel and design, you won’t be disappointed with the LUXX series.

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