Deck View: Delirium Playing Cards

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Deck View: Delirium Playing Cards

Dynamic. Fun. Prismatic.

Delirium by Thirdway Industries is a fun and dynamic deck of playing cards. The brainchild of Giovanni Meroni, this intricate but modern deck is strongly inspired by the classic French playing cards... with a crazy twist! Delirium is the official 2015 deck of the United Cardists forum

The color scheme for Delirium Prism incorporates acid green and blue as the main colours. The front of the tuck depicts the Delirium King giving a speech, surrounded by his guards and his consorts, while the backs feature the Delirium Gods of War. This deck is fully customized, from the ace of spades, pips, jokers, and court cards! 

The tuck box is made with the eye-catching prismatic stock and embossed, interior printed, and packaged with a neat custom seal. Printed by Expert Playing Card Co. with Master Finish. 

Delirium Playing Cards are now available from 
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