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Card Radar: TYPOGRAPHIC Playing Cards

This unique deck of playing cards is a collaboration between Junli Kato and Peter Gutierrez. The main theme of this fun deck is typography. Each individual card is unique and beautifully created by the number of the card.

Lots of creativity has gone into these 54 cards and there are many allusions to stories and fun characters and playful images along the way. The unifying theme is the Helvetica font used as the base of each design along with other shapes, fonts, or other design elements.

The theme is consistent across all card, sticking to the black, white and red colours. The tuck and the backs were designed by Peter and the faces by Junli. According to Junli,
These typographic playing cards started as a fun and experimental side project while I was attending school and working. I have always been a huge fan of cards growing up, particularly playing cards, for their ability of being a source for multiple games and tricks. Without any surprise, I decided to design a deck of my own with every card having their own unique design. I stuck with Helvetica, a basic font, to unify the deck while also coming up with solutions that had to use the number within the illustration. I wanted to keep the typographic illustrations playful yet muted to limited colors. My friend Peter joined me to create the deck and he took on the responsibility to design the backside of the cards as well as the box they come in.

The tuck and cards were all hand-crafted and assembled. Originally only a limited amount of decks were made, about 10 or more for close friends, as this was seen as a personal project and nothing more. However, Junli and Peter have been getting asked where one may purchase a deck and are now working on the best venue to make them available to the public.

To keep updated with that information, visit Junli's blog.

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