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First Look: GROTESK MACABRE Playing Cards by Half Moon Playing Cards

[Update] GROTESK MACABRE Playing Cards are now LIVE on Kickstarter!

From the mind of Lotrek comes GROTESK MACABRE, a unique deck of playing cards featuring death and darkness combined with the elegance of the Baroque and Gothic style art. Following the success of the past two years, Lotrek returns for his seventh solo crowdfunded project. This time darker and edgier than his previous decks. We asked Lotrek about the inspiration behind the GROTESK MACABRE playing cards,
Although a joyful and positive person myself, I had always been attracted to dark themed artwork. I find fascinating how artists throughout the centuries have imagined the world of the dead and how they dealt with the greatest fear of mankind. Well, the second greatest after the dentist... What I don't like is the very violent, full of intestines blood and poured out eyes representations of the dead. So, it was a challenge for me to do a deck that will combine this theme with the heavy elegance of baroque and the pointy, flamboyant Gothic art. I wanted to create an unsettling feeling without being vulgar or gross. Grotesque art was the perfect vehicle for me.

The deck was created on the back of the successful UC2014 deck. According to Lotrek,
Taking my UC2014 annual deck as a starting point, I tried to create my own vision of the Underworld. The ideas for the courts came very fast, almost subconsciously, possibly because of the huge difficulties I had to face with Venexiana Dark and ICONS imperial production, which turned the last 6 months into a constant and growing nightmare for me.

The Kickstarter campaign will be kept simple with one or two add-ons. There will be two editions available: the Original Edition and the Limited Edition, which is a very special one and will literally make things shake! We asked Lotrek to tell us more but here's what he had to say,
I cannot reveal more about it now, I haven't much advertised it in forums and people don't know what's coming upon them yet! It will be fun to watch during the KS campaign. 
[Update] GROTESK MACABRE Playing Cards are now LIVE on Kickstarter!

GROTESK MACABRE is set to launch on 6th October 2015 at 5:00 EDT. Don't miss out!

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