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First Look: Never Forgotten by Robert Wright

This is a very special First Look for many reasons, one because the creator is a friend and two the inspiration behind the deck is heartwarming and personal.

Never Forgotten is being revealed at the 52 Plus Joker Convention in Orlando just about now and we are honored to have had the opportunity to bring it to those who couldn't attend. You won't find Never Forgotten launching on Kickstarter, the deck was self-funded and is already produced. The project also consists of a matching coin that is just as beautiful and intricate as the deck itself.

I tried to think of how to describe the inspiration and concept behind the deck, but the more I read what Robert sent to me, the more I understood that he described it perfectly.

I've wanted to produce a deck since I started collecting cards a few years ago. In fact I started collecting cards when I was doing research for a deck that I would still like to produce at some point. After my Mom past away, in May of last year, my attention turned towards doing a deck to pay tribute to her. There is so many things out in the market about hope, survivor and the cure for cancer. Unfortunately too many are lost. I wanted this project to be about remembering the ones we've lost. 
I started bouncing ideas off of Bill Kalush and Randy Butterfield at last years 52+Joker convention. The deck truly was a collaboration between Randy and myself. He and I bounced ideas back and fourth over several emails and phone calls. I wanted it to be beautiful and classy. I think we achieved it.  The blue sapphire on the tuck, backs, and spade/club suits are my mothers birthstone. The symbolism of the ribbon becoming the butterfly. The lavender ribbon on the Tuck, back and AOS is for all cancers. The different cancer ribbon colors represented in the court cards. Plum is the color that honors caregivers represented by the angels.  
This project honors my mom, but was also made possible because of her. and because of her I've been able to realize one of my dreams.

This deck and it's story will strike a cord with people across the board, and is an amazing reminder of Life and Love.

Never Forgotten was printed by the Expert Playing Card Co and designed in collaboration with Randy Butterfield (Draconian). 2000 decks were printed, with 1800 being released for sale. Single decks will be $10.00 plus Shipping. They will be available to the public on Monday October 12th, 2015 at the Never Forgotten Storenvy Shop.

NOTE: The 1st 25 Bricks sold will receive a FREE Never Forgotten Silver Coin

You'll also find Uncut Sheets, limited to 50 and a beautiful 2" Silver Coin with a color inlay to match the deck, Only 100 Coins were produced, with only 80 being released for sale.

Robert has also built the Never Forgotten Project Facebook page where people can share their stories, pictures and memories of their loved ones, present and lost.

This is an amazing project to get behind, and once again, I want to thank Robert for including me and Kardify in part of the journey.

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