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Card Radar: #GofishFriday Playing Cards

One card a week for an entire year, that was the concept behind this fun and dynamic deck of playing cards created by UK designer CatchphraseDan. According to CatchphraseDan,
#GoFishFriday playing card deck is a project that I have been working on in my spare time all year. I wanted to begin a weekly illustration project that was fun and that I would look forward to each week. Now, as you know, there are 52 weeks in a year, 12 Craigs in a David and 52 cards in a merry old deck - how convenient is that? Well, it was very convenient for me, so I packed up my things and began my journey, stopping every Friday to add a card or two to the deck. 

The deck is fully hand illustrated, with original artwork on each card. It features one-eyed trolls, cute drooling monsters, adorable green creatures and other wacky characters! 

As you can see, lots of creativity has gone into this and there are many allusions to stories and quirky characters and images along the way. Each court card is unique and delightfully design like the other cards. Also the theme is consistent across all card, sticking to bright pastel colors.

According to CatchphraseDan, the #GofishFriday deck contains a whole years worth of ideas, inspiration and influences, and represents creating something for the sheer enjoyment of creating.  

If you have a poker night coming up, go ahead, grab it, your buddies will definitely enjoy the difference from the more traditional deck. This is a limited edition deck (only 2,000 produced) so don't wait too long. Available at

Card Radar: #GofishFriday Playing Cards Reviewed by Ivan on 11/10/2015 Rating: 5

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