First Look: Omnia Magnifica Playing Cards by Thirdway Industries

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First Look: Omnia Magnifica Playing Cards by Thirdway Industries

This is the second part of our first look at the upcoming Omnia: The Golden Age series from Giovanni Meroni's Thirdway Industries. In the first part, we looked at the first, unlimited deck of the campaign - Omnia Antica. In this first look, we will focus on the Omnia Magnifica, the limited deck of Omnia: The Golden Age campaign.

The Omnia Magnifica represent the legendary, remote past of the Omnia Universe, full of God and Heroes. When everything started. The deck features the most ancient reincarnations of the Omnia courts, and will probably be the most baroque deck designed by Thirdway Industries.

In terms of the design, Omnia Magnifica will have a strong symbology inspired by Moon and Sun, probably one of the first things that the men idolized in their history. They will be very important in the Golden Age campaign. Like Omnia Antica, every suit represents an ancient civilization (Egyptian, Greeks, Babylonian, Roman) in their heroic and ancient form.

Omnia Magnifica will NOT be a color swap of Omnia Antica- everything is redesigned from scratch. The tuck features a double-layered foil, Red and gold, on a special dark paper that will be revealed during the campaign. The cards will have a very dark brown/black background and 2 metallic inks, golden and bronze.

Omnia Magnifica will be limited and mainly reserved for Kickstarter backers. According to Giovanni,
There will be a lot of "Magnifica" early birds available, so if you can try to catch it on day one ;)
Join us next week when we look at the third deck in the Omnia: The Golden Age series, the Omnia Suprema!

The provisional launch date for the campaign will be 6 Jan 2016. Stay tuned! Subscribe to the Thirdway Industries newsletter to keep up-to-date on the campaign launch date.

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