Analytics: Project by Numbers - VIRIDIAN Playing Cards

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Analytics: Project by Numbers - VIRIDIAN Playing Cards

It has been awhile since we did an analytics feature on Kardify. In our Project by Numbers analytic series, we look at what happens after the project, from number of backers, pledge amounts, add-ons to traffic sources and shipping costs. For this quarter, we will look at numbers from our very own Viridian Playing Cards Project - the backers, the pledges and where do these beautiful decks get shipped to.

A deck that is as beautiful as it is functional, Viridian is the first in Trikard’s new line of Signature playing cards - versatile for magic, card flourishing or even just a game of poker. Designed by Ade Suryana, Viridian playing cards feature a custom vintage design, reimagined courts, a beautifully crafted tuck case and a stamp bearing an intricate custom design. Currently available at our store for $11.

The Project

Viridian was launched on June 17th, 2015 with a funding goal of AUD$16k. The project reached its funding goal on day 12.

Overall, the project the project was 118% funded. Here's a quick overview of the project:


First we look at the backer numbers. The 364 backers are made out of:

International backers pledged on average just 2% higher than domestic backers. Here's how it looks like:
Unfavourable foreign exchange rates and a more expensive international shipping rate could be a factor.

Where do majority of the domestic backers come from? Here are the top 10 states by number of domestic backers:

While the top 10 countries by backer numbers:
It is interesting to note that the top 10 from both domestic and international make up 60% of the total project backers!


Looking at the amount pledged of AUD$14.2k, a large percentage of backers are based in the domestic United States (77%).
Note that 5% of pledges did not get banked due non-processed credit card errors.

From the total pledged amount, 65% of the backers pledged $14-25 tiers. The most popular pledge seem to be the $14 level, which is the single deck reward tier. Histogram as follows:

Breaking it down further to examine the pledge levels of both domestic and international backers.

The one deck tier option seemed to be the most popular amongst international backers. This could be due to the more expensive shipping cost per deck for international backers. To illustrate the scale of shipping cost, the cost of shipping equates to 50% to 30% of our international backers.

Where do they go? 

Here's a world-map view (based on backer numbers) of where each Viridians were shipped to:

Note that the decks was delivered to 23 different countries around the world. In terms of spending, here are the top 10 countries based on pledge size:

Meanwhile for domestic states:

Domestic US map view:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our backers for supporting us and Viridian Playing Cards.
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