Deck View: Omnia Suprema Playing Cards

Top Ad unit 728 × 90



Deck View: Omnia Suprema Playing Cards

Red. Ascendency. Divine.

From Thirdway Industries the Omnia Suprema Playing Cards are meticulously designed by Italian graphic artist, Giovanni Meroni. This stunning deck was recently listed on our Top12 Playing Cards of 2015.

Omnia Suprema represents the dimensional plane where Gods live in the Omnia Universe. The gorgeous courts in Suprema depict the ascendency to the divine and show their power with elaborate armors, jewel and wings. Also, the tuck features an elegant red foil plus embossing giving it a very luxurious look and feel.

Printed by Expert Playing Card Co. with Master Finish. Check out the other decks from the Omnia series on thirdway.itFor more cool playing cards, check out JP Games.
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