Collections: Boardwalk Papers by The Blue Crown

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Collections: Boardwalk Papers by The Blue Crown

Inspired by the Carnival atmosphere of the classic American Boardwalk, Boardwalk Papers by The Blue Crown did a truly stellar job capturing the "Atmosphere" of Coney Island and all of those other wonderful sea side summer walk ways that feature entertainment, food and fun.

The color palette used on this deck is a perfect fit to the inspiration, the earthy tuck paper color with it's beautiful typography and intricate line work just pop off the surface with some nice embossing and gold foil accents. The interior design is awesome, going with warmer colors and staying away from any stark white, really helps the look and feel of the presentation of the deck. The matching striped seal just finish the package really well.

The back design is spot on with it's mirrored ferris wheel design and continuing the intricate line work. The back also features a well balanced and designed frame to tie all the design elements together. The fan like design in the corners, which can also be a carry over of the ferris wheel design anchors not only the look but the overall concept of Boardwalk Papers.

Boardwalk Papers also feature a custom Ace of Spades and a set of Jokers, all of which pull heavily on typography. The pips and court cards remain pretty much standard in the deck, which should please those looking for familiarity in their playing cards, but have a bit more "Eye Candy" than a completely standard deck.

For me the biggest attraction to Boardwalk Papers is the perfect presentation of the concept. Some decks have flashes of what their trying to be or depict, but Boardwalk Papers truly nails what it's about in a really well thought out deck. At first glance there is no need to explain the deck, you know exactly what it's going for. Printed by the Expert Playing Card Co. which continues to open possibilities to designers and artists to make the end result a perfect match to the vision they had in mind. Still available in the market for about $10.00 USD, Boardwalk Papers is a really nice deck that shows some attention was spent on the project as a whole and not just a unique back design. Worth picking up as an addition to your collection as well as a unique usable deck of playing cards.

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