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Kickstarter: The Sisterhood of Blood Playing Cards by 52Ravens

Currently funding on Kickstarter, the Sisterhood of Blood is a custom deck of playing cards by Kirk Slater of 52Ravens. The theme of this deck is based on London vampires from the Victorian era. As with 52Ravens’ previous project, The Coven, this deck also features an all-female cast of court cards. Each of them has a different story to tell, but together they become The Sisterhood of Blood.

Also, each of the vampires has names and backstories that help to bring these beautiful monsters alive. Alongside this, each of the groups follows a theme, the Jacks have just fed, the Queens revel in their malice and the Kings immortality is coming to a close.

The deck features fully custom courts, Aces, Jokers and tuck box with interior printing. The Sisterhood of Blood Playing Cards will be printed by Expert Playing Card Co. on their classic finish stock.

Having raised 75 percent of its £10,000 goal in 22 days, with another 8 days left to go, a pledge of £9 (~USD$10) sets you up with a deck of the Sisterhood of Blood Playing Cards.

Kickstarter: The Sisterhood of Blood Playing Cards by 52Ravens Reviewed by Ivan on 5/23/2016 Rating: 5

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