First Look: Jaguar Playing Cards by 9780 Design

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First Look: Jaguar Playing Cards by 9780 Design

[Update] Jaguar Playing Cards are now LIVE on Kickstarter!

Jaguar Playing Cards is an elegant and bold deck is created by 9780 Design studio, designer of Venom, Venom Strike and Dr. Jekyll and Hyde Playing Cards. Jaguar Playing Cards are inspired by what the animal represents - Mystery - Bold - Simplicity - Precision.

The Black Edition is the first in the series of Jaguar's new line of signature playing cards. Wrapped in alluring black with the magnificent beast on the tuck, these cards commission a perfect blend of minimalistic beauty and a striking design.

Jaguar will be printed by the Expert Playing Card Co., ensuring the same storied quality and will feature a gorgeous black stock matte tuck case.

A second deck will be offered in the Kickstarter campaign. Here’s Manoj Kaushal to tell us more,
For the stretch goals we wanted to create a prized possession, a deck that looked like jewelled in gold. Caged inside stretch goal is Jaguar Cards dipped in pure molten gold. Mesmerising is the word to describe the sight of the beast in front of the tuck carved in gold. 

[Update] Jaguar Playing Cards are now LIVE on Kickstarter!

The provisional launch date for the campaign will be 03 June 2016.

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