Cardistry: Season 3 of the International Cardistry Open is Back!

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Cardistry: Season 3 of the International Cardistry Open is Back!


Welcome to Season 3 of the International Cardistry Open (#ICO)! The highly anticipated tournament is back, bigger and better featuring cardists from around the globe showcasing their talents and skills.

This tournament is jointly organised by theflush, Kardify, supported by The New Deck Order (NDO) and Lance T. Miller.  The ultimate goal is to determine the cardist who excel in all aspects of cardistry. The tournament will begin in 18th September. Registrations open on the 5th September.

Rules and Terms & Conditions

Please head over to the ICO page to read the full term and conditions of the tournament.

Tournament Format

#ICO Season 3 is a knockout tournament. Each will compete in 5 rounds (preliminary, round 2, round 3, semi-finals and finals). Unsuccessful cardists will be eliminated from the tournament while winning cardists advance to the next round.

Head-to-head elimination (1v1) will be the new format for the semi-finals and finals. The winner of the final round will be the #ICO Season 3 Champion! Cardists will be asked to produce a 60sec video for each round. The format or content of the video will be announced on the first day of each round.

September 18: Preliminary
October 1: Round 2
October 14: Round 3
October 26: Semi-Finals
November 6: Finals

ICO 2014 Champion Eliot Slevin's video


The judging panel for the 2016 tournament consists of:
+ Jaspas Deck, World Kardistry Champion 13/14 and founder of NDO.
+ Eliot Slevin, Creator of viral hit Run Rabbit and winner of the inaugural International Cardistry Open, 2014.
+ Nguyen Hoang Duy, Spingod and Inagural Cardistry-Con Champion, 2016.
+ Andrew Avila, Assorted Works and World Kardistry Runner-Up 13/14

Contestants will be judged on best demonstrated overall mastery of all aspects of cardistry, which includes Smoothness & Control (Execution), Difficulty, Originality and Presentation.


We have the biggest prize pool of any cardistry tournament to date and this does not happen without our very generous sponsors.

Expert Playing Card Co.
+ Thirdway Industries
+ Joker and the Thief
+ Jetsetter Playing Cards
JP Playing Cards
Metropol Cards
New Deck Order

ICO 2015 Champion Matt Beaudouin's video


Champion: Half gross (72 decks) of the Limited Edition ICO deck from Expert Playing Card Co., 1 Brick (12 decks) of J&T Playing Cards from Joker and the Thief and 1 Brick (12 mixed decks) from Cardvolution.
1st Runner-up: 1 Brick (12 decks) of from JP Playing Cards and 1 Brick (12 decks) of from Jetsetter Playing Cards.

+ Most Voted Cardist (Sponsored by Thirdway Industries)
1 mixed Brick (12 decks) of Thirdway Industries Playing Cards and a chance to be Thirdway Ambassador.

+ Viewer Giveaway
1 mixed Brick (12 decks) of Metropol Playing Cards.

Prizes will be delivered to the nominated address of the respective winners directly from the sponsors. Join us and cardists from around the world over to compete, share ideas, and become the Season 3 ICO champion.

Can't do cardistry? Head on over to the ICO group page and enjoy: leave comments and feedbacks on videos to support your favourite cardists. Participate in the giveaways! So, don't miss out!

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