First Look: Enigma Playing Cards by Enigma Cards

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First Look: Enigma Playing Cards by Enigma Cards

Launching NOW on Indiegogo are the Enigma Playing Cards. Produced by Enigma Cards based out of Monterrey, Mexico and founded in 2007, is currently Mexico's largest playing card retailer. Founder Héctor Pérez Bejarano has built the company with a passion for cardisty and magic.
We strive to give the best experience possible to our clients when they are looking to buy playing cards, and in this journey we set a challenge to ourselves, how could we reimagine a deck of cards different from what is available right now. 

Enlisting the help of Anagrama Studio, a world-renowned Mexican design team know for their work on architecture and branding, Enigma was presented to them as a challenge.
We were looking to create a deck that would set itself apart from any known deck available in the current market, using elements not commonly used in playing card designs but at the same time we wanted this deck to be our presentation card to the international world of card collecting, magic and cardistry.
The concept of the deck is based on the definition of the word Enigma, a puzzling or inexplicable occurrence. The goal was to bring the "Definition" to the deck without an overly complicated design.
The back design uses horizontal traces to maintain and enhance the movement and flow of cardistry moves. It also suggests the idea of a riddle, a labyrinth, some might think there is something hidden in it. At the same time the back design produces an optical illusion were the spectators brain might try to fill in the empty spaces between the horizontal traces enhancing the decks presence when performing.  
The court cards have been designed with the same minimalist approach as the box, stripping down all the “heavy” elements from the court cards and making them simple and sleek.
The ace of spades it's our mascot, the all seeing eye embedded in a big spade that is being pierced by 2 swords. It's the only eye in the whole deck (all the court cards are missing their eyes).
Enigma is being printed by The Expert Playing Card Co. and single deck rewards start at $14.00 (Includes FREE shipping to the US and Mexico). The project will also have a few stretch goals attached to it, including, embossed tuck box, full custom court cards and a custom seal. Included in the campaign will be some awesome "Enigma" add-on's such as shirts, close up pads, coins and a few other special items.

Enigma is a bold, retro project and we appreciate the time and information Héctor has given us. We would also like to acknowledge the entire Enigma team for their hard work and dedication to this project.
+ Co-founder: Claudia Sepúlveda
+ Design Team: Maria Rosa Pérez Bejarano
+ Operation Managers: Jose Luis Cantu Gonzalez, Noe Cantu Gonzalez and
+ Sponsored Cardists: Raul Torres, Luis Faz, Fran CG and Saúl García has given us.

You can follow all things Enigma on their Facebook page, Instagram account and You Tube Channel......most of all, don't forget to check out the project and help make it a reality!

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