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News: Midnight Card Company Launches Ancient ROME Playing Cards on Kickstarter

Midnight Card Company is back on Kickstarter to raise funds for its latest deck, the Ancient ROME Playing Cards. Ten months in the making, the design of the deck is inspired by influential characters from the end of the Roman Republic.

On the rich and vibrant design, Randy Butterfield explained,
I've always been drawn to the rich colors, lavish outfits, influential & dramatic history, and the complex characters that make-up the backdrop of Ancient Rome. Creating a design with influential icons of history such as Julius Caesar, Mark Antony, Cleopatra and Cicero has been an amazing experience. These Decks exemplify the joy I get from designing custom Playing Cards. And I hope it shows in the final results!
Two editions are available on the campaign: Caesar (red) and Antony (blue).

A lot of thought have gone into the design of the deck. The card backs depict the deaths of Julius Caesar (Red) and Mark Antony (Blue). They are inspired by two public domain paintings and recreated in Randy's personal style ("The Death of Julius Caesar" and "Cleopatra Captured by Roman Soldiers after the Death of Mark Antony"). Also, the Red and Blue center banners are at the inverse angle of the Face Cards' banners.

The Numbers Cards for both editions are designed to look similar to an Ancient Roman Shield in the center, and opposing soldiers positioned on each side (the large PIPS).

The Courts for the ROME Decks depict twelve of the most influential men and women from the end of the Roman Republic, meticulously finished with rich and vibrant colors in each figure.

The Tuck Boxes have Red and Blue textured background images, and are accented with stunning gold foil designs. Caesar's Tuck features an imperial Eagle and a customary Roman border design. Antony's Tuck features a majestic Lion and a border design with hints of Egyptian styling.

Pledge starts from $14 and the Ancient ROME Playing Cards will be printed by the LPCC. 2" dealer coin and exclusive ROME Carat case are available as an add-on.
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